Hot Spots in the U.S.A

Hello everyone. This is a fun and exciting article on some of the many hot spots in the United States of America. Let me start out by saying that the U.S. has a lot of people and plenty of exciting cities, towns, and villages. Let’s get started with Panama City Beach, Fl. This North Florida town is booming with beautiful white sandy beaches, ball parks, museums, and shopping centers. Though mostly quite through the Winter months, P.C.B comes alive during the Summer and Spring time. America’s number one hot spot for Spring Break is right here in the Florida Panhandle. Spring temperatures are around 70 degrees during the day, but fall well below 40 at night, so bring a light jacket. Ripple’s Believe It Or Not Museum is located here and is a big attraction. Panama City Beach has many night clubs and currently has the largest night club in the country named Club La Vela. You can bulgy jump, jet ski, or shop at the many designer stores all located along front beach rode. As you can see, this place is live and exciting for people of all ages. Join the fun on Florida’s Emerald Coast and prepare to expect the unexpected.

Bonus Tip:

Texas is Huge, and has plenty of places to see, but a great spot is New Braunfels. They have two rivers for Tubing. Its a must see. In My book. Its a tourist destination. Lots of restaurants and places to sight see. Situated right between Austin and San Antonio. Check it out, oh, and if your gonna tube the Comal River, go with Comal Tubes. my buddy Kris works there! sup bra!

Next up is New York City. The Big Apple or The City That Never Sleeps. What ever you call, this city is the ultimate destination. N.Y.0 has it all Big buildings, museums, theater, arts, sports, and beaches. The nations largest city is the gate way to the western society. Times Square is very popular as it is full of neon lights, stores, shops, and people. This part of town is the heart of the city and most vibrant. The Statue of Liberty is a great spot to check out over on Ellis Island. It’s full of history and many things can be learned while visiting it’s reception area. Yankee Stadium over in The Bronx and Citi Field over in Queens are perfect for the baseball lovers, so drive over and check them out Also, New York has the Kicks basketball team over in Mid Town Manhattan. There is just so many sporting teams here, there are too many too name. The One Trade Tower is the one place in N.Y.0 that all Americans should have the chance to visit. This memorial of a building currently sits where the old Trade Towers once stood. If you like to shop, check out Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side of town but make sure you bring a lot of money, as these stores are high end. Check out live shows on Broadway or Show Time at the Apollo in Harlem. As you can see, this is just a taste of what this city has to offer. If you’re ever on the East Coast, be sure to go there.

Last but not least, Los Angele, California. This mega metropolis sits over on the West Coast of the U.S. It has professional basketball, baseball, and hockey teams for you sports lovers. The main attraction is Hollywood, which sits in the hills over looking this majestic city. Do some shopping on Rodeo Ave or cruise around Sunset Boulevard for a spectacular view. The La Bear Tar Pits over in Hancock Park has bones of extinct animals, such as Dinosaurs, which be a delight for you history lovers. Santa Monica is over on the west side of the city and it has a great and exciting pier, with a full amusement park. The city is sprawled out at about 500 square miles but is connected by the country’s most prolific freeway system. You definitely need a car in L.A. because it’s much to big to travel by foot. Unlike New York, Los Angele doesn’t have the same transportation infrastructure and has to rely heavily on it’s major freeways. Another hot spot is the San Gabriel Mountains, which over looks the city. Come here for some great hiking and site seeing and you may get to see some wild animals native to this land.

As you can see. The U.S. is full of fun destinations and this is just three of it’s main attractions. I took you Down South to Florida, up to the New York City, then over to L.A for a thrilling ride and a look at some of the hot spots of our great nation. Have a nice day and keep traveling.