Congratulation for your vacation trip that you have planning for so long, achieving such a trip requires a lot of planning, which include resources allocation, time factor. Here I have compiled some factors to consider in vacation planning that one should take it into account during vacation preparation.

Money Money is considered the biggest factor that will influence success or the fail in your vacation. From the transportation ticket which include either cruise, airplane or road set the budget for each mode of transport you have selected. Set aside hotel charges to be charged during your full stay their. Also their is food to be bought during your vacation. At least ensure that you will have extra cash to cover all miscellaneous.

Health Before you confirm that vacation you have planning for long ensure you visit your health insurance cover to inquire if your policy covers vocational trips. If it doesn’t cover ensure that you arranged one. Also don’t forget to buy yourself some first aid kits especially if you will be going to mountain trip, safari trip in Africa. Consults your doctor to make sure your okay.

Do research Research about laws and cultural believes and norms of that place. For example many places being gay or lesbian is against their laws and its punishment is bad if you were to be found do so. Also issues like sex beach policy are source of conflict with many visitors. Try to understand the best practices that citizens on that place are involved.

Time Understand the tourism season calendar, by doing so you will now if your trip will fall on low season or high season. During low season prices of hotels, flight tickets and entry fees to the places such as parks, museums and lakes fall and its considered the best time if your budget concision’s person. But during high season many places are selected causing prices to sky rocket.

Take advantage of apps Today their are many apps available in google store apple market or blackberry that are of great help during your vacation. Rather than paying someone as your tour guide just download an app that will guide you. Also use apps that will show you the cheapest hotel baggage com[paring several hotels and air tickets

What to carry Avoid carrying a lot of baggage’s during your trip. Remember that you will pay extra if you carry excess baggage compared to the required limit.